How to make a sweet potato & potato fritter stack (one of my top recipes to date)

🛒You Will Need :

- 1 cup of grated sweet potato

- 1 cup of grated potato

- 1 cup of chopped kale

- 2 teaspoons of mixed herbs

- 1/2 onion diced

- 2 strands of spring onion diced

- 1 cup of whole meal spelt flour

- 1 tablespoon of olive oil

- Sea salt and cracked pepper for taste

- 1 avocado

- 3 tablespoons of beetroot hummus

- Sauerkraut (optional)


1. In a bowl add grated sweet potato, potato, onion, spring onion, kale, mixed herbs, salt & cracked pepper. ⠀ 2. Add spelt flour and massage well into ingredients so it binds together. ⠀ 3. In a large pan add olive oil ⠀ 4. Spoon mixture into your hand , roll into a ball and flatten in the pan. ⠀ 5. Cook for roughly 6 minutes each side. ⠀ 6. Serve with 40g of avocado per person and 1 tablespoon of beetroot hummus per person and some sauerkraut to serve on top of desired. ⠀ 7. Serves 3 people, 3 fritters each. ⠀

Calories per fritter: 90 calories⠀ Calories with avocado & hummus (3 fritters) : 370 calories ⠀ This recipe can be used for burger patty alternatives too! 😍 (egg free, dairy free & gluten free)

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