Do you struggle with your squat, deadlift, bench press, or rows in the gym or in your group fitness classes?? 

Perhaps you feel nervous to even try these exercises because you're unsure of what to do, or you feel as though you may do it wrong and hurt yourself?? 


Build a stronger body with strength training and better technique with your lifts with PWR strength academy!


Too often I see people in the gym doing deadlifts and squats with the wrong form that actually do more damage than good!


That is why I have created a strength academy, an 8-week course to help you create a better relationship with strength training and how to do your lifts correctly so you can progress in your load/weight as well as feel pain-free!       



Strength academy is an 8-week course designed to help you improve your lifts and technique so you feel more confident in the gym and in your group fitness classes!  

Every session will go for an hour and a half (this is not an hour and a half of exercise however, this is a course for technique, learning, and a better understanding of strength training and its benefits)        



This 8-week academy program is for anyone! You don't need to have experience in the gym and you can also be a complete beginner. Remember you are doing this so you learn how to lift with the correct form so you can either progress in the gym or your group fitness classes, or you have a foundation to start somewhere! 



We only have 8 spaces per intake so Renee can focus on each and every individual and help you each develop new skills and set further strength goals to make training fun and interesting again, not to mention empowering! The first intake starts Tuesday 15th June, at 7pm and will run for 8 weeks! 



Strength academy is held in PWR FIT STUDIOS, based out in Kumeu Auckland. 


Secure your spot by purchasing this package online, you will then be sent a pdf with the timetable, as well as a welcome pack to break down the 8-week course for you. 


I look forward to seeing you out in the studio! 


Strength Academy