Nearly every single lady that I have spoken to has a similar goal to "tone up", which is great!! But did you know that "toning up" is just a sexy word for building muscle. 


I am giving you the exercises and all the tools to help you to build some muscle, which will enable you to feel energised, strong, look "toned", but also turn your body into a fat-burning machine because of that's what building muscle does best!


Building muscle can sound intimidating and like it's only made for the males in the gym, but that is ONE HUGE MYTH and you should never feel intimidated or put off wanting to build some muscle for yourself just because you are a female. Building muscle for females will not give you massive biceps and body builder traps, it will simply make you leaner and give you that feel good naked feeling!


Your Package includes: 


3 Fabric resistance bands

LARGE - Pink 

(the longest band)

MEDIUM- Pink (medium length)

SMALL- Army Pink


The Benefits of using fabric resistance bands:


  • Improve your technique for exercises like squats.
  • Help you to engage and use your glutes more effectively.
  • As you are engaging the correct muscles when you are doing specific exercises it can decrease your risk of injury.
  • Improves your strength.
  • Great for better mobility.
  • As you build muscle your BMR increases which means you will start to burn more calories.
  • The fabric bands don't roll or twist when you use them.
  • Help you to build your dream booty!



- Price includes shipping costs

- Pre Sale for PWR bands as these are custom made to order, your order should arrive mid-late July 2021

PWR Resistance Bands (PINK)

  • Items will be exchanged for any fault or damage to the goods received when first opened. A photo for proof must be provided and an explanation of the fault within 14 days of purchasing to be returned.