Learn how you can have your cake and eat it too, with the PWR Fit x Jess Owen fit guide.


We want to empower women like you and help you to find balance with your health and fitness, achieving your goals without all of the fitness fads and diet trends.


So often online we stumble across misleading nutritional information, quick weight loss fixes, diet weight loss pills, juice cleanses, 30 day fat loss promises and so much more BS, but this is to just name a few! 

Our guide is based on a realistic approach to help you sustain your results long term and not just for a short period of time. Enjoy a slice of cake or a donut here and there as a part of a well balanced diet and learn how you can lose body fat, sustain it and not have to give up the foods you love! We want you to enjoy your journey to a healthier version of you without feeling restricted, without food guilt and without having to spend hours upon hours in the gym doing cardio! 


We have collaborated to bring you:


✅ 12 weeks of killer workouts at home or in the gym for all fitness abilities

✅ LOADS of healthy recipes

✅ What to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks

✅ Beat diet restrictions using the PWR Fit SMART approach to calories

✅ Get your workouts, meals, healthy habits lists organised with our beautiful planners

✅ Mindset training to help you feel motivated every day

Have your Cake and Eat it too

  • All of the information sourced for this guide is from research, experience and study I have done over my 6 1/2 years of personal training. The workouts have all been created by Renee Diment (qualified personal trainer). Renee Diment has created the recipes from experimenting with healthy food in her own kitchen. Some recipes have been modified from original recipes. This guide and the trainer behind creating the guide will not be responsible for any injuries caused by exercise. Always consult a health professional or doctor before exercising if you are pregnant, have been injured, or have health conditions or concerns. This guide will not guarantee you weight loss results if you do not stick to the guide and the information given. In order to generate results you must put in the hard work and follow the guide as much as possible.