If you have a goal to lose body fat and maintain it, without restrictions and without having to give up the foods that you love then this plan is for you!


When you purchase nutrition for fat loss plan you will receive: 

- Calorie and Macro breakdown specifically for you

- Recipes and meal ideas

- 7-day meal plan

- Helpful serving size guide

- Shopping list 

- Planning resources and templates

- A follow-up call or email explaining how your plan works 


Once you have been following your plan for some time, and you are starting to see results, or are happy with where you have got to with your fat loss, then you will need to get in touch with us again and purchase a calorie and macro breakdown to get your numbers reassessed so we can work out your new requirements and help you with your reverse diet. 


Based on your own individual needs one of our PWR coaches will put together a unique plan created based on your goals, lifestyle, your body, and you as an individual.

Once you have purchased this one of our PWR coaches will be in touch with a questionnaire for you to fill out so we can ensure you have the best plan made for you possible.

Please allow 5-7 business days to receive your personalised plan. 

You will receive your helpful serving size guide immediately. Everything else will be personally emailed to you.

PWR - Nutrition plan for fat loss

  • You are responsible for your own results, if you do not follow the plan that we have advised you on, we are not responsible for you not obtaining your fat loss results. 

    Always consult a health professional first if you have any major health concerns or issues. 

    Fat loss plans are not recommended for pregnant women. 


  • No returns will be offered once you have purchased this package. 

    If you decide you don't want to go ahead with the plan you need to be sure of this before you purchase it as no refunds will be offered, and you will still be sent all of your documents.