As you may or may not know, or may have even heard me speak about it on the PWRFIT Instagram stories multiple times, every single one of us is different, each with unique requirements as we all live and breathe totally different lifestyles.

When it comes to your required amount of calories and macros, you will need a different amount for yourself compared to your best friend for example. In order to calculate your macros and calories, you will need to take certain factors into consideration, such as your age, how active you are on a daily basis, your age, your body mass, body fat, your job, and how many times per week you do formal exercise. With all of this to account for, having a generic plan is NOT ideal if you have specific goals that you desire to reach, you need to know your "numbers" for YOUR specific goal in order to achieve them. 

With purchasing this breakdown document, you will be sent a questionnaire that will ask you multiple questions so that we can work out your specific numbers to help you achieve your goal.

This document is only a macro and calorie breakdown, which takes up to 5 business days to receive. We will calculate everything manually to help you get YOUR specific calories and macros correct from the start so you are on the right track from the beginning of your journey. 


When you purchase this item, you will be sent a serving size guide immediately, which is going to help you ALOT when making food choices and learning about portion control. 


**Please note, you will not receive a meal plan with this item, this item is for your calorie and macro breakdown only. 

Calorie & Macro Breakdown